The Fairy Tale

“Once upon a time there was a dear little girl who was loved by everyone…”

-The Brother’s Grimm

I was raised to believe that if I there was something I wanted to achieve, I could, if I tried hard enough. If only I applied myself, that I would hold the world in my hands, and nothing could keep me from achieving these dreams.

I remember looking to God, I remember running to friends and lovers, exclaiming my passions and desires and that I would, one day, have everything I ever wanted. When I was a child, a tiny thin framed little girl, her hazel eyes wide in excitement and her smile beaming, I’d tell you everything.

I was not loved by everyone.

I was not popular, I was not societies perception of pretty. I spoke out of turn and cursed like a sailor. But I had drive. I had desire. I had something that was different, than anyone else. I was loved by those who mattered.

And I was loved by you.

But like all fairy tales, we need to start from the beginning.



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