He does everything with himself in mind. The end goal is his own, and he will take what he wants without any mind to those around him.

He is exactly what you need him to be. Chatty. Brave. A confidant. A great listener. But that is only for him, and not for anyone else.

He is not able to showcase emotion, he doesn’t feel them, nor does he understand their purpose. He is very logical and looks at everything with every single possibility and outcome in his mind within a matter of seconds.

That’s why he is great at his job, and someone that not only everyone wants, but wants to be.

In four years I’ve seen him for what he truly is, but what he is at his core is too much for most to handle.

He is what some may call a Psychopath. Scientists have changed this term to be more socially acceptable: anti social personality disorder.

But how do I know this? He showcases all of the traits of one: insincere charm, grandiose self-perception, impulsiveness and irresponsibility, they tend to not follow the rules or bend them to their needs, and juvenile delinquency. They do not react normally to events such as death, tend to fake emotions, and are liars.

So why is he the Big Bad Wolf?

The Wolf lures in his victims through manipulation. He brings Red Riding Hood down at her core without directly addressing her. He reads her, her facial expressions, body language, tone of voice. He does this to find her weakness and uses it against her to lure her in.

When someone hears psychopath, they think of monsters. They think of serial killers and automatically shove them in that category. Many people refuse to accept that they do in fact exist and walk among us.

As if to showcase his grandiose, he chose the name Savitar, the name of a God.

He is my Wolf in the Woods.






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