Twenty Random Facts About Yours Truly

There’s more to me than just the Wolf, more than just the keystroke upon this blog. So here are some random facts about moi:

  1. I spent two years in high school studying French. Unfortunately due to lack of use of the language most of it is lost on me.
  2. I’ve grown up and spent most of my life in Southern California. Five years ago I made the decision to move across state to the North end. It’s one of the best decisions I ever made.
  3. In a little over a year I will be graduating with my Bachelor’s in English.
  4. I’m 5″4 in height, and though that it is commonly known as the average height for women, my family and friends like to mock my shortness.
  5. I’m a Bibliophile. I tend to collect books more than I read them, unless I find the story particularly striking or engrossing.
  6. I currently have one tattoo, a quote on my left chest/clavicle area.
  7. Surprising to most, I adore Science. I tend to excel in my studies when I find it most fascinating, but due to my hindrance in Mathematics I never pursued a Scientific based career.
  8. My favorite colors have changed many times over the years. It’s currently tied between sea green, pine green, and lavender.
  9. I currently drive a silver Ford Focus. Her name is Speedy.
  10. This Autumn I hope to find a hiking buddy and get back into hiking among many of the trails and falls by my home.
  11. Besides writing, I’ve been fascinated with photography. I adore candid photographs and scenic nature spots. I want to be able to take my camera along with me to all of my adventures.
  12. My “dream career” has changed several times, but has been consistent within the field of English.
  13. I am a mother. A step-mother to my wonderful son.
  14. I am an avid video gamer. My first system was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).
  15. Bananas with peanut butter is my go to breakfast (both as themselves or in a smoothie).
  16. I’m a firm believer of “don’t knock it till you try it”.
  17. I am not formally religious. I no longer believe in God, but I believe in Nature and finding peace within it.
  18. I am Bisexual. I am sexually attracted to males and females.
  19. Keeping my home clean and neat is a daily activity that brings me peace and pacify my fears.
  20. I adore learning new words and utilizing them in my everyday vocabulary.

Thank you for reading!



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